10 Best Places to Visit in the World

Limiting the world to 10 places hardly seems justified, but these are the 10 places that are a must see for any avid traveler.

For the average, traveling is simply finding a beautiful location to vacation – relax and sightsee for a bit. However, there are some people for whom traveling holds a whole new definition. These people seek to uncover the secrets of the city, country or town they travel. To them traveling is a passion. Ever place around the world deserves at least one visit, but since that is highly unlikely, here are ten of the best that one can visit.

1.Cape Town, South Africa

Whatever you thought you know about Africa, forget it! This inactivating city is the buzzing with energy and can cater to the needs of any traveler, from the artsy to the architecture lovers. Originally developed as a station by the Dutch East India Company, the city has now grown into a multicultural destination. The good climate and natural setting, makes Cape Town a happening tourist destination. Hike its most famous Table Mountain, and if that floats your boat then there are also museums, beaches, safari, architecture, gardens and so much more to see. For the shopping lovers, there is also Woodstock’s Neighborgoods Market on Saturday mornings, which provides you with authentic Afrikaans jerky and silk-and-leather sandals.

2.Barcelona, Spain

While Madrid is quite famous, Barcelona provides everything that Madrid has to offer but paired with a beach and less crowds. Barcelona showcases the Catalan culture in its architecture, the food, and the people. The Museo Picasso, the zinc-and-glass design center DHUB and the Antoni Gaudí-designed Parc Güell are a must see for art and architecture lovers. Barcelona also has a renowned food scene headed by the Michelin-starred restaurant Saüc. Also try food from the Pinotxo counter inside La Boquería market, or Tickets, run by brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià, of acclaimed El Bulli. Try ABaC, which is famous for its mad-scientist experiments.

3.Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a world famous destination, which is also quite cheap to visit. Bangkok was also listed at the No. 1 spot on the World’s Best list from 2010 to 2013. Bangkok is known for gilded Buddhist temples surrounded by tall skyscrapers; similarly the saffron clad monks fill the streets, walking side by side with businessmen, further highlighting the position of Bangkok, its blend of the old and the new. Bangkok is also famous for its street food, the most popular of which is the street-side feast at Sukhumvit Soi 38. Other places to see are the Wat Suthat temple, the Himalayan-style art gallery, Serindia, or on a long-tail boat tour along the Chao Phraya River.

4.Rome and Florence, Italy

Italy is known for the Renaissance and its masters, whose works are ever present throughout its boundaries, especially in cities such as Rome and Florence, which were the head of Renaissance. Rome also has various remnants of the Roman Empire. Visit The Pantheon and The Colosseum, both of which are relics of the Roman Empire. See St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Make a wish at the hundreds of Renaissance fountains, the most famous of which is the Trevi Fountain. Also see the modern designs such as Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI Museum, or Richard Meier’s glass-and-travertine frame for the Ara Pacis.

5.Kyoto, Japan 

Japan, the land of the rising sun, should be seen at least once within the lifetime. Japan has great traditional culture, one that has been centuries in the making, and one which is in stark contrast with its equally iconic modern culture. Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years, so of course it is a great sample of the country’s heritage. Historical sites to see are the Kyoto Gosho palace, the iconic Kinkaku-Ji (Golden Pavilion), and the 2000 or so Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines in the city itself, of which Sanjusangendo contains 1,001 statues of the god Kannon. Staying at a traditional ryokan, or guesthouse is a unique experience, which will give you an insight into the culture. The Nishijin neighborhood is a must visit for kawaii artisan shops.

6.Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul has been listed as 2015’s #3 Travellers' Choice Destination in the World. It is known for its historic Ottoman culture, which has blended well the modern culture. Istanbul has breathtaking ancient architecture, such as various mosques, bazaars, and hammams (Turkish baths). Sites to see include Sultan Ahmet Camii (Blue Mosque), the Galata Bridge, and the Miniaturk Park. Shop at the Grand Bazaar, and the Egyptian Bazaar. Istanbul has also become known for its various modern restaurants and nightlife.

7.Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a perfect example of an old world country that has made a place for itself in the new world, all the while retaining charms from both eras. Prague has been listed as #5 in the World in 2015’s Travellers' Choice Destination Awards. Prague shows off the beauty and wonder of Eastern Europe. Things to see include Prazsky hrad (Prague Castle), the Old Town Square, The Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock. Food is best eaten in a local Czech tavern with bars in the cellars.

8.Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine is a captivating, seductive and bustling country, similar to the dance it invented, the tango. Argentine’s atmosphere and heritage is what draws travelers to the country. Buenos Aires is the capital and the largest city in Argentina. Its old neighborhoods are full of romantic restaurants and an active nightlife, with people literally dancing the night away. Its architecture, boulevards and parks are all well preserved and are evident of its rich European heritage.


Paris is the city of love, for which nothing that is said is enough. It is a must visit place with a loved one. France is known for its architecture, as well as its food. Visit Paris, and see the Eiffel Tower, eat at a bistro or have a picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Visit Versailles and see how the extraordinary kings lived.

10.St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia is stereotyped for its gruffness; however you’ll be surprised how welcoming they are to visitors. They love to show off their country in all of its glory, from the days of the czars, to the days of Soviet Union. St. Petersburg is especially cherished as it acts as the country’s cultural heart. It offers art, nightlife, fine dining and cultural destinations for any and all that are interested. Sites to see include the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral, as well as the world-renowned art collection of the Hermitage.

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