Abortion: Pros and Cons

There are many advantages and disadvantages for abortion such as if parents are unable to support the child it should be better to abort it. On the other hand, it is believed that the moment a heartbeat is detected, killing of the fetus is considered a murder.

One of the most heated debate during every presidential campaign is about abortion and if it should be banned. There are two sides to every argument with many people claiming that it is the woman’s choice as it is her body and the other side claims that abortion is equivalent to murder. What is abortion?

Abortion the process of ending a pregnancy before the fetus has the ability to survive on its own. There are two types of abortion: miscarriage and induced abortion. Although, when one talks about abortion, they most commonly refer to induced abortion. Miscarriages occur spontaneously by accident. Abortions can be done in a few ways, including surgery and even pills that induce abortion.

While abortions have been around for many years, they often included painful procedures and sharp tools that required forcing the woman to miscarry. However, if conducted legally it is considered one of the safest procedure.

There are many people that believe that abortions should be banned because they are unethical and result in the killing of a baby, but others claim that the child does not become an independent entity until it reaches the second trimester, hence aborting in the first trimester should be allowed. They also claim that it is the woman’s right and her decision as it is her body. Some wise people even go on to say that there is no such thing as ‘No Abortion’, there is only safe and unsafe abortion and hence, everyone should be allowed access to safe abortions.

Other advantages and disadvantages to abortion includes:

Pros/ Advantages


  • Cannot emotionally support the child
  • Cannot monetarily support the child
  • Result of rape, allow the woman to rid herself of the burden of rape
  • Not wishing to go through the pain of labor
  • Woman’s choice as it is her body
  • The baby’s life is in danger
  • The mother’s life is in danger
  • If the baby is going to be born with a crippling mental or physical disease
  • Is a safe operation that can be quick and less painful for the mother
  • Having a child at an early age can result in girls to have bleak future
  • Not all children who enter adoption agencies end up being adopted
  • Against the word of God, as children are considered a God’s gift
  • High risks of not being able to conceive again
  • Development of serious health problems
  • Painful for the woman going through the abortion
  • Emotional trauma
  • Is considered as a murder of the innocent life
  • Can become used as another form of contraceptive
  • Is a costly operation, sometimes funded by government funds
  • If made illegal, can increase the chances of illegal abortion that can harm the woman’s life even more

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