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Sunder Pichai, born as Pichai Sundararajan, is an Indian American that was announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of Google.

On August 10, 2015, Google announced that it was restructuring the company and uniting all Google products and owned companies under a new conglomerate – named Alphabet Inc. This was done as a means to focus on each segment separately. In the same announcement, current Google CEO, Larry Page also announced that Sunder Pichai will be replacing him as CEO of Google Inc. and Larry Page will become the CEO of Alphabet Inc.

So, who is this Sunder Pichai? Pichai was born in 1972 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to parents, Lakshmi & Regunatha Pichai. Regunatha was a senior electrical engineer for the British Conglomerate General Electric Company (GEC) and managed a factory that made electrical components. He grew up in a two-room apartment in Chennai, where he and his younger brother would sleep in the living room.

After finishing his 10th from Jawahar Vidyalaya and 12th from Vana Vani Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Pichai went on to earn a degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP). He went on to study Management Studies from Stanford University in Material Sciences and Engineering on a scholarship. Following that he also earned an MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2002, where he was named a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar.

Pichai joined Google in 2004 where he was responsible for leading the product management and innovation efforts for a suite of Google's client software products, including Google Chrome and Chrome OS, as well as being largely responsible for Google Drive.Pichai was responsible for creating a toolbar that would give users easy access to the Google’s search screen. He was believed to be the brain behind Google building its own browser, which was rejected by then CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Currently, Pichaiis responsible for product management, engineering and research for Google's products and platforms. He will now be responsible for overseeing all aspects of Google. He will step into the position after the completion of the formation of Alphabet Inc.

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