Bollywood is the motion-picture Industry in India. Bollywood is an unofficial term that is used to represent the Hindi-language film industry in India. Bollywood is just a fraction of the Indian cinema, which also includes Assamese cinema, Telugu cinema, Marathi cinema, Gujarati cinema, etc. Bollywood is not a physical place, but rather a representative term for admired Hindi films.

Although, Indian cinema has been around since the early 1900s, 1913 to be exact; the term ‘Bollywood’ was coined somewhere in the 1970s from combining Bombay (although, now Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood is the mixture of Bombay’s ‘B’ + Hollywood. Even though, it seems that Bollywood has been inspired from Hollywood, it is actually inspired from Tollywood, a term that refers to the cinema of West Bengal.

Bollywood is the largest film producer around the world and releases over 1,000 movies per year. Majority of the Bollywood films still continue to incorporate romance or a romantic aspect so as to appeal to all types of movie goers.

Bollywood is also no longer limited to making movies in just Hindi, and has incorporated the English language as well as well-known English phrases in the movies (also known as Hinglish), idioms, or even entire sentences.

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