Easy ways to quit sugar is lessen the amount of sugar that you incorporate in your daily diet by replacing unhealthy junk food with healthier sugar free options.

The easiest way to increase stamina is to start small and slowly build up your endurance and stamina by increasing your activity level.

The easiest way to lose weight to become thin and slim is to cut out junk food from your diet. 

Few easy ways to burn belly fat or visceral fat is to cut out sugar and to exercise.

Although there is no shortcut to losing weight and burning calories, there are little things that you can do every day that can help increase the amount of weight you lose and the calories you burn daily.

Whey protein is most commonly used by athletes for rebuilding muscle post workout. It offers benefits such as a quick and easy way of extra protein to help build muscle. However, there a few disadvantages as well some products sold under whey protein are not fully whey protein but rather has artificial additives. 

Green tea offers many benefits such as lowering risk of cardiovascular diseases and lowers cholesterol, but it also has side effects including caffeine content, nervousness, heartburn, etc. 

Almonds are the seed of the almond tree. It has many benefits, and very few side effects, which is why it is often recommended.

Yoga is an ancient Hindu principle

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