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What is the meaning of Ping?

To troubleshoot the Internet connections use Ping. In the other words, ping is also used in the context like to get attention of or to check for the presence of another online party .


The word 'exotic' refers to something, which belongs to another part of the world.


Thalaiva means a leader or boss.

Kai Po Che

The term ‘Kai Po Che’ simply means ‘I have cut’.

Kolaveri Di

The word Kolaveri means a strong urge to kill someone.


‘Tweet’ is a short post on the social networking site, Twitter.


Nostalgic means to long for things in the past.

Meaning of LOL

LOL has gotten so popular, that it is common to hear someone use it in spoken conversation, to indicate that they found something funny, as opposed to just laughing.

A Taboo is essentially anything that is considered to be immoral or wrong by the norms of society.


Fukrey means 'slacker' or 'worthless'. Fukrey is a Punjabi term, which means 'slacker', 'worthless' or ‘do-nothing’.


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