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Why do we say thank you?

We say ‘thank you’ to show gratitude, appreciation and to acknowledge what the other person did.

Why do we say touch wood?

The phrase ‘touch wood’ is used to ward off evil and not tempt fate.

Why do we say Cheers?

Cheers is said while toasting, which is an act to honor the guest or the situation itself. Cheers may also be used as a greeting or a way to express thanks.

Why do we say hello?

Hello is a form of greeting that is used to acknowledge and greet somebody.

Why do kidney stones form?

Kidney stones form when the minerals and acid salts in the urine clump together to form a crystalline stone. This happens when the urine is concentrated as the person is most likely not getting enough fluids.

Why do body shivers happen?

The body shivers are a way for the body to regulate its temperature. They may also occur when the person experiences an intense emotion such as fear, happiness, excitement, etc.

Why does the body smell?

Sweat is actually nearly odorless. The body smell or body odor is actually caused by the bacteria feeding on the salts in the sweat, which leads to the creation of foul smeling acids.

Why do bats hang upside down?

Bats hang upside down because it is a defense mechanism. Also, because their wings and hind legs are too weak to help them take flight from stop; hence by hanging upside down the bats can just fall into flight.

Why do babies smile?

Babies smile for a variety of reasons. First it is just to try the facial muscles, but then they smile because they love that they can make the parents smile.

Why do babies vomit?

It is normal for babies to vomit. They may vomit due to the speed with which they drink, swallowing air while feeding, overfeeding, motion sickness, indigestion, and gas, as well as other less common reasons.


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