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Why do we say hello on the phone?

The term ‘hello’ was first used by Thomas Edison to answer the phone. It then became the standard for answering calls.

Why do body parts go numb?

When we sit or stand in one position for long, the pressure on a single part of the body causes the neurons to stop sending signals to the brain, which results in the feeling of numbness.

Why do we twitch while falling asleep?

The twitching during sleeping is caused by involuntary muscle spasms when the body relaxes just prior to falling asleep. It may also be a vestigial reflex to prevent our ancestors from falling out of trees that they slept in.

Why we don't sneeze while sleeping

We don't sneeze while sleeping because not much dust or other particles come into contact with the mucous membranes.

Why are tree leaves green in color?

Leaves contain chlorophyll in them that is green in color, and really important for photosynthesis of leaves.

Why Animals' eyes Glow in the Dark?

Animals’ eyes glow in the dark, due to the presence of a special reflective surface in their eyes, located behind the retina, known as Tapetum Lucidum.

Why TV Is Called Idiot Box

Television is called an idiot box because of the dampening and addictive influence it has on viewers.

Why is Tea Addictive?

Tea contains caffeine in it, which makes tea addictive.

Why Exercise is Good for Health

Exercise not only wards off diseases and promotes quality of life, but it also makes a person happy.

Why dogs run behind vehicles?

Dogs chase speeding cars, motorbikes or other vehicles either as part of play, or due to their natural prey drive.


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