Why do

Blinking helps our fragile eyes to stay wet, moist and clean, by brushing away things like dust and dirt.

Why do girls like pink?

Because it is feminine! A girl’s preference for pink is a result of biological and evolutionary programming.

Why do birds stand on one leg?

There may be a several reasons for why birds stand on one leg, such as heat-insulation, thermoregulation, sleeping, hunting, etc.

Why do birds migrate?

Birds migrate seasonally to meet their needs of food, shelter, favorable environment etc.

Why do cyclones occur?

Cyclones are oceanic phenomena, which usually develop from a thunderstorm in the trough regions.

Why do babies cry?

Babies cry for a reason! It is their way of communicating their need of hunger, fear, sleep or change of diaper or clothes.

Why do animals have tails?

Animals have tails for several reasons like balance, communication, navigation, and defense.

Why do stars twinkle?

The twinkling of the star is caused by the light passing through the different layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

Why do fireflies glow?

Fireflies are a type of insects that are known for exhibiting a neon glow.

Why does hair turn white?

The hair gets color from the hair follicle. If the hair follicle runs out of the color pigment, then the hair turns white.


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