Dignity means the quality or state of being honored and greatly respected.

Merriam-Webster defines dignity as:

  • a way of appearing or behaving that suggests seriousness and self-control
  • the quality of being worthy of honor or respect

The word dignity has been in use from the 13th century. Its origin lies in the Latin word dignitat, which comes from dignitas, which in turn comes from the root word dignus. Apart from Latin, the word dignity has also evolved from languages such as Anglo-French and Middle English, where its known form of usage was as dignete.

Other than having the above meaning, dignity is also used to denote a high ranking person such as a Prime Minister or a President, a Royal authority such as a King or Queen, or an esteemed office such as the office of the President of a country. Besides such usage, the word dignity is also awarded to a person who exhibits the qualities associated with the word. The word dignity in such a case stands for the person’s honor or nobility.

Following are a few examples of using the word dignity in a sentence:

He is always dignified in the way that he behaves with elders.

The team showed that there’s no shame in losing to a better opponent, and so they played with dignity.

We have distinguished guests and dignitaries arriving at the party.

Therefore, the above was a brief on the meaning and usage of dignity. 

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