Easy Way to Burn Fat and Calories

Although there is no shortcut to losing weight and burning calories, there are little things that you can do every day that can help increase the amount of weight you lose and the calories you burn daily.

Burning calories is not rocket science, it usually takes a little research and discipline to follow through on your promises. There is no easy way to lose weight and burn calories but there are small things that one can incorporate in your daily schedule that can help increase the amount of calories you can lose. These small changes can be made to any schedule regardless of who busy one is.

Remember exercise is not the only way to lose weight, but diet also plays an important part when it comes to increasing the amount of calories you burn each day.

Here are a few things that you can incorporate into your schedule to help you lose weight.


Exercise one of the most important ways that one can burn fat and calories. If you cannot set time aside for proper exercising, fret not you can incorporate exercises in your schedule. Walk everywhere you can, it makes it easier to lose more calories than using the car. Also, incorporate small amounts to exercise in between work, may 5 mins of jumping jacks during commercials or crunches when doing laundry. Small burst of exercises can help lose a lot of weight in the long run.

Dance you heart out

If exercise is something that makes you dread, then there are alternatives that you can opt for. Dancing is one of the best alternatives to exercising for losing weight as it helps work out all aspects of your body. So, put on your favorite tunes and dance around the house or you can even all your friends and go to clubs regularly.

Strength Training to Build Muscle

No, you will not suddenly grow body building muscles. Strength training is working with weights to help strengthen the muscles, which in turn burns more calories. It will not grow muscles in bulk, but rather tone your muscles and the rest of your body. If you are worried about building too much muscle, try working out with smaller set of weights and more repetitions.

Consume Caffeine

Caffeine often gets a bad name for hyping up your body, but the caffeine can also increase the amount of calories that your body burns on a regular basis. However, ensure that there is little to no sugar in your tea or coffee and absolutely no carbonated soft drinks. Also, limit the intake of coffee to maybe 3 cups a day, before high amounts of caffeine in the system can result in poisoning.

Consume smaller portions

A good way to ensure that you lose weight is to limit the portions that you consume. Smaller portions divided throughout the day require burning more calories for digestion than consuming only 3 big portions in a day. One method to ensure that you reduce the amount of portions you eat is to use smaller plates, which will automatically result in limiting the amount of food you eat. No seconds!

Don’t skip meals

People automatically assume that if they skip meals, they will end up losing weight. That is not at all true, the body saves up more energy because it doesn’t know if it will get more food or no. Hence, eating small meals but eating all meals are important. If the body knows that more food is going to keep coming into the system, it ends up burning more calories.

Eat Low-Fat Dairy

Dairy is one of the most important additions to everyone’s diet, including milk and yogurt. However, dairy comes with a whole lot of calories. Shift from regular milk to skim milk and trade in your normal yogurt for low-fat yogurt to have the body burn more calories and fat.

Drink Water

Dehydration results in in the body hording more calories and it is less likely to burn fat and can also make the body sluggish. So plenty of water and also keep off the hunger feeling and helps burns more fat and calories.

Play outdoor games

This is another alternative to exercising, where the body burns calories and the person ends up having loads of fun. Playing games such as volleyball, badminton, tennis and even golf can help burn large amount of calories and fat.


While, fidgeting is often considered as a bad habit but research has found that fidgeting actually helps burn more calories than the people who are constantly stationary. People who constantly shift around or tap their feet are proven to burn more calories than people who don’t. Sitting up straight as can also help lose calories at is works out the stomach and the back muscles.

Cut out Nuts

Nuts are a great source of healthy calories for people who want to bulk up and in small quantities it is a good source of energy. However, if you cannot limit yourself to one servicing, then completely cut it out of your system.

Cut out high calorie foods

A good way to burn calories is to cut out foods that are high in calories such as potatoes, red meat, cheese and even outside food. Although, you should allow yourself a cheat meal once a week, the rest of the week stick to foods that are high in fiber and low in calories.


This is one that everyone tends to overlook. Sleep is important as it keeps you well rested and energized for the next day. Hence, it is oftensaid that one should sleep a minimum of 7 hours a day. Proper sleep helps the body feel less sluggish and helps burn more calories and fat.

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