Easy Way to Improve Vocabulary

The most advised way to improve your vocabulary is to read as much as you can.

English has in officially become the language that is used world-wide and is an important language if you want to succeed in any endeavor. However, this article is not limited to just English but can also be used for many other languages.

Learning new words can help expand your ability to communicate and allows you express yourself better. Newer and more advanced words can help add more definition to your conversations. There are many different methods that one can use in order to expand and improve your vocabulary. These methods, although primarily written with English kept in mind, but can also be used for other languages.

A few ways to improve your vocabulary are:


I know you have heard it time and time again that reading is a great way to improve English or your vocabulary but the only reason it shows up on so many lists and so often is because it is a tried and true method. It works every time! Reading anything you can get your hands on – newspapers, magazines, textbooks. They are the best way to find new words and the contexts that they can be used in. Now, don’t limit yourself to simply reading these articles but also pick up novels, novellas, fantasy storybooks and any other genre that might interest you.

Now, reading is just one aspect of it. What you also have to do is jot down new words that you have found. Make a list of the words you found that you are unfamiliar with and look up the definitions. Keep this list handy so that you can keep revising it.


While reading is important, writing is also important. Writing helps you understand how the words can be used. It is also a very good method of learning to express yourself. You don’t have to be an award winning writer, but writing as something as small paragraphs or even keeping a journal or a diary can help you use more words and add to your vocabulary.


The more you speak to people, the more you learn about different things about them. Additionally, you can also learn more words from them and the way they speak. As with reading, jot down new words that you hear and look up the definitions later. Then incorporate these words in your conversations. Speaking can help you remember these words as more often you use them, the more they will become a permanent part of your vocabulary.

Have a dictionary and thesaurus handy

Constantly having a dictionary and thesaurus handy can help you look up words so that you can have a more thorough conversation. And with the ease of technology it is actually possible to carry around a thesaurus and a dictionary in an easy digital format. When you come across a word in written or conversation, simply open the online app and check it right then and there what the word means.

Keep a word journal

A word journal or notebook can help you come when you have to revisit words. It is easy as any word that you come across and find interesting, just write it down in your journal and next to it later, simply write the definition, synonyms and antonyms and maybe the prefix or the etymology of the word. It will help you understand the word, its usage and its connotations better.

Sign up for the websites that send you a word a day

There are many websites that can help you when it comes to learning words from a new language, including the Dictionary websites (Merriam Webster, Oxford, etc.). These websites offer a word a day email if you subscribe for it. They send you an exotic word each day with its definition and etymology. So, learning a new word is as simple as clicking open an email.

Play games

Learning while playing is often a good way for the mind to retain words. Hence, playing word games where you have make words or solve puzzles is a very good way to come across a new word. Scrabble is also a good game, but make sure you always have a dictionary next to you so you can check if the word is real and/or its definition.

Learn word roots

If you like to get to the bottom of the word to understand it fully rather than simply memorizing it, then learning the word’s roots is often a good way to remember new words. If you are learning English, then Latin and Greek are the roots of the language. Learn how the words were made or put together, it may help in understanding the word a little better.

Word Associations

A good trick to keep a word ingrained in memory is to associate it with something else. Often than not, it always helps as a memory exercise.

There are just a few ways that one can help improve their vocabulary and master the language that they are trying to learn.

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