Easy Way to Increase Stamina

The easiest way to increase stamina is to start small and slowly build up your endurance and stamina by increasing your activity level.

Like everything in life, nothing is actually easy. One has to work hard and do their best if they want to achieve anything. You must as well, because sadly there are no easy ways or shortcuts in life.

Stamina, also known as endurance, is the body’s ability to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time. It must do so while being able to resist and recover from any trauma, wounds, or fatigue that it may encounter in the duration of the activity. That is basically the technical term for saying how long can you go without hurting yourself.

Everybody has a different stamina level, some can go for hours without feeling the effects, these are of course athletes, others may be able to exercise for a respectable amount of time, these are people who are fit and regularly exercise, whereas for most of us, who avoid exercise like the plague, we are more likely to tire ourselves out in a few minutes at most.

However, worry not; these are some steps that you can take to increase your stamina.

Eat and Sleep: The first steps, if you are not already doing them, is to eat right and get adequate sleep. It is no secret that if your body does not have proper nutrition and not enough rest, then it will not be able to function properly. So this is the most important step.

Use interval training: Interval training is when you alternate between a low-intensity workout and high-intensity work out. The high-intensity periods are anaerobic exercises which push your body to the full extent. The low-intensity periods allow your body to recover without stopping. Stopping completely after a high-intensity period can shock your body.

Reduce Recovery Time: Another way to improve stamina s to reduce the recovery time between sets and/or exercises. The ideal recovery time should be between 30 to 90 secs. You would obviously start with 90 then reduce it gradually and over time to 30.

Increase the duration or the number of sets: Once the recovery time is at its lowest, i.e. 30 secs, then you have no option but to increase the duration of the exercise or the number of sets. However, don’t forget to increase the recovery time to 90 secs again; otherwise it might be too much for your body to handle. Then slowly bring it down to 30, and so on and so forth.

Strength Workouts: Many people focus on cardio workouts to increase stamina; however they forget that strength workouts are important too. Doing only cardio workout will not be enough and will not improve stamina. Strength workouts build muscles, or at least tone muscles, which means that they will exert themselves less for the same tasks, hence allowing you to work longer, i.e. increasing stamina.

Mix it up: Routine is the worst thing in an exercise. Once your body can anticipate the exercises, they start to have less of an impact on it. So be sure to mix up the regiment. Add a favorite activity, such as swimming, hiking, dance, aerobics, Zumba, Taekwondo, anything that fits your fancy. Just have fun with it.

If you follow these steps, you are bound to see improvement almost immediately.

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