Easy Way to Learn Hindi

Practice is one of the easiest way to master the Hindi language.

Hindi is one of the many Devanagari based languages that can be found on the Indian Continent. It is considered as the official languages of the country and spoken almost in every state. Learning to write Hindi can be somewhat difficult, but learning to speak Hindi is easier. There are many ways that one can go about learning Hindi.

However, you should remember that similar to all the other languages you have to constantly keep revisiting words and pronunciations in order learn the language proficiently. There are many ways you can learn the language and with time and practice you can become an expert.

There are many different classes – online as well as brick and mortar – you can join to help them learn Hindi. These classes can help you not only learn how the words are pronounced, how they are conjugated, how they are written and even the history behind them. This is one of the easiest way to master the language.

There are also online classes that one can take, for people who cannot find one in their neighborhood. With the power of the internet, learning and knowledge has become even more accessible.

Practice, this is key for learning any new thing. You have to constantly keep doing it in order to have it retain in your mind. If you use a phrase once, you are less likely to remember it again. A good method to practicing is to carry around a notebook and write down new words that you read. If you hear a Hindi word but cannot write the script yet, write in English to as closest as it sounds and have someone give you the English translation of that. Keep revisiting these definitions until you can remember them.

Google Translate is good way to learn Hindi as well as it translates Devanagari script into English. However, nothing beats than conversation. Find someone who speaks Hindi and English (or your native language) and ask them to teach your words, phrases and conversational phrases. Use these on a regular basis and ask them to keep teaching you new ones. If you continue to use Hindi in conversation, it will really help retain the language and will also give you confidence to use the language.

Carry a Hindi to English and English to Hindi dictionary. These are good way to learn new words and can give you a more authentic experience, rather than the Hinglish (Hindi + English) that is now being more commonly used. Use words and based on them create sentences, ask someone to check if they are wrong and to fix them. This one of the greatest way to learn new words as well as the conjugations of it.

There are also many language learning games and applications that are available on Google Play Store. Not only do these help you learn the language, but can also make it whole lot of fun. Play these games daily and you can learn Hindi.

Incorporate these into your daily schedule and you should be a master of the language in no time. This is not only limited to Hindi but can work on any language.

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