Easy Way to Lose Weight

Modifications made to lifestyle and diet can help lose weight in the long run and is easier than making a strict workout and diet schedule.

There is no easy way to do anything – everything requires at least a little bit of effort. However, there are easier way to get things done. There are small things that one can incorporate in their diet without having to change their whole lifestyle that can help them lose weight. These changes may not show quickly, but they result in long term changes to the body.

Here are some easy tips that can help you lose weight, without vigorous routine and exercise.

Add don’t subtract: Instead of removing things from your meal, trying adding more healthier options to it. Going for a pizza, instead of cutting the pizza from the meal, you can add low fat cheese and lots of veggies to it, making it heavier and more filling. More veggies to your soup or stew and even adding a salad to your meal, can help you eat less.

Replace junk with healthier snacks: The main culprit for many people that are adding on pounds are junk foods that people are prone to reaching for when they are feeling munchy or bored. Replacing the junk foods for healthier snacks, fruits, energy bars and healthier cookies. Even replacing sodas with diet ones can help keep off many calories. If you are coffee or tea addict, instead of two tablespoons of sugar, add one and a half. Remember, small things got a long way.

Don’t ‘work’ out!: This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get any form of exercise in your daily activity, but rather don’t refer to it as work out or even exercise. Think up of a way to make your exercise fun. Don’t like gyms and the personal trainers? Join a dance class (Zumba is one of the most popular forms of losing weight right now), or even aerobics, or soul cycle. There are many alternatives to ‘working’ out.

Incorporate exercise in your daily routine: This does not suggest that you should mark a time out in your schedule for gyms or any specific class, but rather incorporate small forms of exercise in your daily schedule. This ranges anything from walking to work (if you live close by), park farthest from your destination, take the stairs whenever you can and walk to as many places as you can.

Stay hydrated: Water is your best friend, even if you aren’t trying to lose weight. Water is the greatest help you can recruit. Drink a glass of water before dinner to feel a little fuller, resulting in eating less than what you normally consume. Also, sipping cold water or lemon water can help reduce the munchy feeling and keeps you feeling fresh all day long. Remember, water has no calories, so it’s the best drink to replace the sugary drinks.

Cut out carbs: Carbs such as white rice, white bread, spaghetti, etc. digest quickly and give you a more feeling of hunger resulting in those late night snacks. Replacing these with whole grain or whole wheat leaves you feeling full for longer periods of time. Add loads of fiber, fiber also gives a full feeling to keep you going for longer. You can also replace rice, bread and all such grains with vegetables or lean meats such as chicken and turkey.

Add exercise: If you want to lose weight faster, cardio exercise is one of the best ways to lose those extra pounds. 30 minutes of cardio each day can result in losing up to 5 pounds a week, in addition to keeping you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If full 30 minutes of cardio is not your cup of tea, then there is also interval training – this method includes alternating short bursts of cardio with slower activity. This is supposedly a faster way to lose weight than full bursts of cardio.

Sleep: Sleeping is another one that people tend to forget about. Sleeping is important to wake up fresh and ready for the new day. A good 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for the body to feel relaxed and helps it get through the day. Lack of sleep causes the body to conserve more energy, which burns less calories throughout the whole day.

These are a few important tips that can help you lose those extra pesky pounds or even start to get rid of the fat that you have been trying to lose for years. Remember, start small but stick to it. Don’t lose hope and give up. If you slip on your routine or diet, don’t leave it behind altogether but start again and promise yourself that you will stick to it this time.

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