Easy Way to Quit Drinking

To quit drinking is one of the hardest decisions that someone has to take. There are few things that you can do to make quitting a little easier such as joining AAA. 

Accepting that you have a drinking problem or are an alcoholic is one of the biggest is one of the most difficult thing you can do. It is good though, once you have accepted that you have a problem, you can now start working on the solution of it.

Drinking is one of the most common addictions around the world, with many people getting introduced to alcohol from a young age. While, it is not easy trying to battle addiction, do not believe that it is the end of the world. There are many people who have successfully fought and won their battle against their addiction.

For a lot of people deciding to alter their lifestyles and leave their alcoholic pasts behind is not an overnight thing. It takes time and patience to stop drinking and to continue fighting the temptation of drinking throughout their lives.

Here are few things that can help you start your recovery:

Consult your medical physician

Before you make any life changing decisions, it is always important to consult your physician to understand the effects of leaving that lifestyle behind and to see if there are any medical conditions that you should be aware of. For a small percentage of people that decide to quit one day rather than in small stages, it can become life threatening. Hence, it is always a good idea to consult your physician about your decision and if drastic changes can cause any permanent damages.

Make you intentions known                   

A good way to stick by promise of quitting drinking is to let all your family members and friends know that you have decided to quit drinking. Not only do they provide you with the utmost support, but also you try harder in order to achieve that goal (if not for yourself, for your family members). They can also ensure that you stay away from alcohol during these settings and can even give you hope, if and when it falters.

Avoid temptation

In the beginning when trying to quit drinking, it is often advised to avoid any type of temptation that may cause you to go back to drinking. These include avoiding places that you might usually drink, or parties where you know you might feel like drinking. However, do not avoid all social places. Instead, keep your social life active as it can help in distracting you from drinking. Also, remove all reminders of alcohol such as foods that you would consume with alcohol or your beer glass, etc.

Don’t go Cold Turkey

Absolutely do not go cold turkey, which basically means that you quit alcohol altogether. This is specially a must for people who consume more than 3-4 drinks on a daily basis. The symptoms of withdrawal can often become deadly. The best way to quit drinking is to lessen the consumption level slowly. Reduce from 3-4 drinks to 1-2 drinks and then to 1-2 drinks in a week, while slowly you get yourself to stop fully.

Reward you progress

Rewards help your motivation to continue on even when you feel like giving up. Hence, reward yourself when you reach a milestone. These rewards can range from anything small like buying an article of clothing or a pair of shoes to something big like purchasing a new phone. However, rewarding yourself will keep you on track with your goals. Make sure you keep a list of goals that can help you get on and try and achieve something better.

Punish your failures

Similar to rewarding yourself when you accomplish your goals, when you do not or you fail at one – make sure you punish yourself. It doesn’t mean anything severe but something like doing that housework you have been putting off (such as cleaning the gutters) or something similar. Doing such tedious work can help you not break you goals.

Eat before you drink

If you are trying to limit your drinking, it is often good to eat something heavy before you start drinking. Drinking on a full stomach can result in you drinking less than what you would have usually consumed on an half empty or an empty stomach.

Change your routine

Most people who are addicts usually have a routine where they drink after work or something of that sort. However, breaking the routine and steading opting to go to a relative’s house or a friend’s house can help make it easier when trying to quit drinking.

Don’t give up on yourself or feel guilty

Many people end up giving up quickly after starting thinking they cannot do it or maybe they have tried to quit before and have not been successful. However, the key is to not give up because until you finally give up, you still fight and there is more of a chance that you may win but if you give up you have lost already. Try something different from the last time you tried to drink, but keep going. Even if you fail and give in to a drink, try again the next day.

Similarly, don’t feel guilty about quitting or about not quitting earlier on either. Try to feel happy that you have finally taken the steps needed to better your life and become a healthier you that is no longer depended on alcohol.

Have sobering strategies

These are small things that can help you visualize how much you end up saving by not spending on alcohol. These visualizations can give you that boost that you need to keep going. Every time you feel the urge to have a drink, take the money you would spend on the alcohol and put it in a jar or a wallet. Keep this jar and wallet only for this reason. Keeping adding to the jar every time you feel this need to drink and eventually you can buy something with this. You will see how much money you saved and can also spend it on something that will give you give you satisfaction.

Join a support group

No one should go through such as hardship alone and for this reason there are support groups and meetings that are found everywhere. Find a local AAA support group and attend it dutifully. Having more people go through what you are going through can help them understand better and you more likely to open up and share.

These are a few things that you can do to help you kick the drinking habit.

Image Courtesy: stopdrinkingalcohol.com

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