Easy Way to Quit Weed

Quitting weed is one of the hardest decisions one has to make and some things that can help make the process easier include distractions and professional help.

The decision to quit an addiction is the toughest decision that one has to make because they have to realize that their life is being dominated by this particular drug and that they have to do something about it. The most difficultly in quitting is accepting that there is a problem.

Now that you have learned that you have problem, there are many ways that one can quit smoking weed or pot. Marijuana, weed or pot is one of the most controversial drugs that are available in the market with many people calling for its legalization, while others claiming that it should be banned as it is a drug.

Weed addiction has become more recurring as many people have started using these drugs. While any addiction is difficult to quit, there are many methods that you can utilize in order to try and quit smoking up.

Get rid of all your Weed

In order to deal with your addiction, it is important that you are not constantly reminded of the weed. Hence, you should get rid of all your weed. Do not throw it in a trash, where you can access it easily later but rather flush it down the toilet or the drain. This ensures that the weed is no longer accessible and cannot tempt you to smoke up.

Get rid of anything related to pot

In order to get rid of the temptation or the reminder of weed, get rid of anything that may trigger your need to smoke up. These include lighters, paper, bongs, matches, etc. Maybe there is your favorite video game that you play after you smoke, it is best to throw that out as well. Anything that can trigger a relapse should be thrown away or destroyed.

Cold Turkey or Weaned

Decide if you want to go cold turkey where you give up smoking weed and pot in that moment or you want to slowly give up smoking. For some this isn’t a choice; some people who are seriously addicted to weed to the point where completely cutting off from weed in one day might cause serious medical problems should always go for slowly cutting back smoking before quitting completely.

Announce your decision to quit

Once you have decided that you want to quit – make sure you tell your family and friends that you have decided to quit smoking. Not only do they provide you with the utmost support, but also you try harder in order to achieve that goal (if not for yourself, for your family members). They can also ensure that you stay away from weed during these settings and can even give you hope, if and when it falters.

Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

Going cold turkey can often result withdrawal symptoms and these commonly begin 1 day after you quit cold turkey, hits a peak after 2 or 3 days, and eventually levels off after 1 or 2 weeks. Withdrawal symptoms can include sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, and increased body temperature. One person may not feel all the withdrawal symptoms but will only have one or two of these symptoms.

Find a distraction

In times like these a good way to break the habit of smoking is to find a distraction. Find a new hobby or join a new class. These can help distract you from reaching into your pocket for joint. This can also help you deal with your withdrawal symptoms.

Reward you progress

Rewards help your motivation to continue on even when you feel like giving up. Hence, reward yourself when you reach a milestone. These rewards can range from anything small like buying an article of clothing or a pair of shoes to something big like purchasing a new phone. However, rewarding yourself will keep you on track with your goals. Make sure you keep a list of goals that can help you get on and try and achieve something better.

Have sobering techniques

These are small things that can help you visualize how much you end up saving by not spending on alcohol. These visualizations can give you that boost that you need to keep going. Every time you feel the urge to smoke up, take the money you would spend on the weed and put it in a jar or a wallet. Keep this jar and wallet only for this reason. Keeping adding to the jar every time you feel this need to smoke up and eventually you can buy something with this. You will see how much money you saved and can also spend it on something that will give you give you satisfaction.

Change your routine

Most people who are addicts usually have a routine where they smoke after work or something of that sort. However, breaking the routine and steading opting to go to a relative’s house or a friend’s house can help make it easier when trying to quit drinking.

Don’t give up

Many people end up giving up quickly after starting thinking they cannot do it or maybe they have tried to quit before and have not been successful. However, the key is to not give up because until you finally give up, you still fight and there is more of a chance that you may win but if you give up you have lost already. Try something different from the last time you tried to drink, but keep going. Even if you fail and give in to a drink, try again the next day.

Seek professional help

Usually many weed users have underlying reasons for smoking up. Going to a professional therapist can help you tackle this and understand the roof of the cause, rather than just trying to cute the symptoms.

You should also talk to a physician and ask them the best way to deal with quitting smoking up. They can also tell you what symptoms you should watch out for.

Find a support group

Going through the hardship of quitting smoking up is no easy feat and this is made more difficult if you have no one who understands what is going on. Hence, local support groups are a good way to deal with addiction and to stay away from weed. People at these groups know what you are going through and are able to provide the best support possible. Additionally, you can also find someone who has quit successfully to give you hope that leaving behind the life of weed addiction is possible.

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