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Collective Noun is a noun that refers to a group of things together.

A noun is a word that refers to a person, place, or thing. Collective Nouns are special types of nouns that refer to a group of things together. These groups are made up of other nouns. For example: a flock of birds. In this case, a bird is noun. Many birds together make up a flock. Hence, flock is a collective noun that defines all the birds together.

However, if there is only one thing or person, then a collective noun can not be used to refer to it. In order for a collective noun to be used there must be more than two things. For example, there can never be a group of one person. In order for the collective noun, group to be used, there has to be two or more people. Only then can they be referred to as a group.

A collective noun is nearly always treated as a singular. For example, it will always be a group is. It will never be group are. However, there can be many groups of people. For example, there can be two groups of three people each. Hence, there are six people in total, but they have divided themselves into two groups. In this case, it will be the two groups are, and not the groups is.

Examples of Collective Noun:

A crowd of people
A flock of birds
A swarm of bees
A bouquet of flowers
A fleet of ships
A galaxy of stars
A pair of shoes
A pack of cards
A team of players
Two teams of players
Many pairs of shoes
Six bouquets of flowers

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