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While speaking, there are many times when we need words to convey things other than just names and verbs. Can you imagine how boring language would be, if that was all there was to it? ‘I come.’ ‘You go.’ ‘Mary play.’ We would all sound like cavemen. This is why languages incorporate many other types of words that have many other types of functions. One of these groups of words is interjections.

An interjection is a word that expresses an emotion or sentiment. This emotion or sentiment usually refers to the speaker. Interjections are also commonly known as exclamations. They are words that you exclaim when you are surprised, happy, hurt, etc.

Interjections are usually placed in the beginning of a sentence, but they can be placed in the middle of a sentence as well. They are also capable of standing alone, which means that they can be their own sentences or work as part of a sentence but be grammatically independent. This means that the sentence will still make sense even if the interjection is removed. The only reason as interjection is used in the first place it to add a little bit more to the sentence, so that the sentence will have more of an impact.

For example, ‘Hark! What a lovely day today.’ Here ‘Hark!’ is completely useless in the sense of sentence. The speaker could have just as easily said ‘What a lovely day today.’ Rather, the speaker added the ‘Hark!’ at the beginning of it, in order to call attention, and to emphasize just how beautiful the day is.

Interjections include psst, h’m, ah, oh, hem, ah, ha, hey, well, oh, pooh, poof, ow, oo, ouch, hey, eh, h’m, pffft, uh, er, um, etc. Basically, as long as a word fulfills the definition of an interjection, then it is considered to be an interjection. However, proper nouns cannot be an interjection, even if they work as an interjection in a sentence. For example, Mary! Come here!. Here, Mary is doing the job of an interjection, but it will not be considered an interjection.

Examples of Interjections:

Hello! How are you?
Yabba dabba do!
I have to, um… go.
Er, are you sure?
Yikes, I didn’t do my homework.
Oops, it fell.
Psst, over here.
Ugh, when will it be over?
Phew, that was close.
Shall we go? Uh-huh.
Well! Isn’t this interesting?
M’m! M’m! Good!
Great Scott!

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