Example of Metaphor

Metaphor is used to make an implied or indirect comparison between two things that are not related to each other. Much of the expressions that are used in today’s world are considered as metaphors.

Metaphors are similar to similes, but the only difference being is that a simile uses ‘like’ or ‘as’, in order to make a comparison. An example of a simile would be, “He runs as fast as a dog chasing a bone.” The use of the ‘as’ in this sentence makes the comparison between the person and the dog.

Metaphors are broken down into two parts, ground (also known as tenor by author, Richards) and figure (also known as vehicle). The ground is the subject to which attributes are ascribed. The vehicle is the object whose attributes are borrowed. So, in the example “The test was a breeze.” The test would be considered as the ground (the subject), while breeze would be considered as the vehicle (from whom the attributes are being borrowed).

The most common examples of metaphors are often old expressions that are used. The expression “All the world’s a stage”, is a popular metaphor made by writer, Sir William Shakespeare. In this saying, Shakespeare is comparing the world with a stage, suggesting that all the people are merely actors or rather playing a part.

Another example would be “I had a rollercoaster of a day”, which would not mean that the person went to a park, but rather that the day was full of highs and lows, something that can be seen on a rollercoaster.

Examples of Metaphor:

It’s raining men.
He is the apple of my eye.
She has a bubbly personality.
I’m feeling blue.
I can’t seem to keep the rollercoaster of emotions under control.
My future is going to be nothing but clear skies.
Her voice is music to my ears.
My brother was boiling mad.

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