Example of Past Tense

Example of Past Tense
The past tense is a type of grammatical tense that indicates something in happened in the past.

The past tense is a type of grammatical tense. It is mainly utilized to indicate that the action or situation was in the past.

For example:

I am reading. I was reading. I am reading indicates that I am reading right now, at this very moment. Whereas, I was reading indicates that I was reading sometime in the past, it could be a minute ago, an hour ago, or days, weeks and years ago.

Examples of Past Tense

She ate the cake yesterday.

I needed the book last week.

How did you do that?

John went to the market.

Martha saw that movie last month.

There are four different types of part tense in the English language. They are past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. The examples above mainly belong to the past simple.

Let us understand the different types of past tense, via an example.

Past simple: This indicates an activity that started in the past and ended in the past.

I worked. I studied Chemistry.

Past continuous: This indicates an activity that was on-going in the past. It is usually used to set the scene for something else.

I was working. I was studying Chemistry, but I decided to change my career.

Past perfect: This indicates that an activity has finished before something else happened.

I had worked. I had studied Chemistry, but I couldn’t get work as a chemist.

Past perfect continuous: This indicates that an on-going activity in the past has ended.

I had been working. I had been studying Chemistry when I ran out of money for tuition.

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