Example of Preposition

Example of Preposition
Prepositions show the relationship between a noun and another word.

Prepositions are a type of words that are used to show the relationship between a noun and another word in the sentence. It gives additional information about the location, direction, space, or time.

The preposition usually comes before the noun and/or pronoun, however not always. The term, preposition comes from the idea of being positioned before.

For example:

It is a container for milk. The preposition, for indicates the relationship between the noun container and the noun milk, as in the container is meant to be used for milk.

Further example of prepositions:

The bear sleeps throughout the winter.

I had the book until recently.

It is a five min walk from my house.

The weather in May is beautiful.

The house was on a hill

The cloud was above the park.

The show was about a pair of lovers.

She wore the coat over her blouse.

According to Maria, the deadline is tomorrow.

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