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Proper Noun is a noun that acts as the name of the thing.

A Noun describes a person, place or thing. There are two main types of nouns: Proper Nouns and Common Nouns. Common Nouns refer to general things, while Proper Nouns are unique things. Proper Nouns are usually the name of a specific thing. For example: The city, London. City is the general name of something. There are many cities in the world. However, there is only one city named London. London is the specific name of a particular city. Hence, city is the common noun and London is the proper noun.

Proper Nouns can also refer to a group of things, or specifically the name of that group of things. For example, the Himalayas. Even though the Himalayas consists of many mountains, there is only one mountain range named the Himalayas. Hence, Himalayas is a proper noun and is considered as one.

Proper Nouns are always written in capital or upper case. The first letter of a proper noun will always be in capital or upper case, despite the fact if it is referring to one thing or a group of things. For example, it will always be John, never john. Or it will always be Americas, never americas.


The Smith family went on vacation to Paris, France.
Queen Elizabeth is the queen of England.
The Grand Canyon is in the state of Utah.
Justin Beiber is a singer.
Spiderman is my favorite superhero.
My pet dog’s name is Fluffy.
McDonalds is a good restaurant.
I have work on Sunday.


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