How to be happy?

How to be happy?
Happiness is a state of mind. It is a state that only you can create and a choice that only you can make!

In the crests of life, when faced with a problem or a crisis, do you lose your legs and sink or do you stay afloat in the tides? Often, we forget that happiness is usually a choice and it is in times of need that we need to be happy with ourselves in order to stay afloat and choose to be content. But then, how can one be strong, positive, and happy in the face of misfortune? It is easier said than done, but once you have the basic mindset in practice. It will eventually bear many fruits.

Happiness is the number one feeling we all seek as human beings. It is more important than money, health, or relationships. Without happiness, it is unlikely that you are even able to enjoy and appreciate those things. Happiness brings us greater health, greater wealth, and more honest and loving relationships. It is our greatest gift. When we are happy, everyone around us is happy, and we attract positive circumstances into our lives. Life flows easily and effortlessly. We want to be kind, help others, and share our joy. Being happy is a simple choice. Once you let go of the thoughts and conditions that get in the way of your own happiness, you are free to enjoy this priceless gift that is here, no matter what outside circumstances may be. Happiness is a spiritual journey. It is a discovery of who we really are. It is a lesson in living in peace.

Here are a few suggestions which will help you to be happy:

  • Realize that enduring happiness doesn’t come from success. People adapt to changing circumstances whether the circumstance is wealth or a physical disability. So, wealth is similar to health. Also, the utter absence of either one breeds misery, but having them doesn’t guarantee happiness.
  • Take control of your time. Happy people feel in control of their lives. One can master their use of time by setting goals and breaking them into daily objectives. We often overestimate how much we can accomplish in a day and generally underestimate how much we can accomplish if we work on it bit by bit.
  • Smile. Just by smiling, one can begin to feel better; just as scowling can result in feeling negative. So, put on a happy face and see if you can trigger the happiness emotion.
  • Seek work and leisure that engage your skills. Happy people are often engaged in tasks that challenge them without overwhelming them.
  • Join the “Movement” movement. A large amount of research has revealed that aerobic exercise, as well as yoga and meditation, not only promotes health and energy, it also helps to ease mild depression and anxiety.
  • Give your body the sleep it wants. Happy people tend to live active, vigorous lives, yet, reserve time for rejuvenating sleep and solitude. Sleep deprivation can result in fatigue, diminished alertness, and gloomy moods.
  • Give priority to close relationships. Close, intimate friendships with those who care deeply about you can help you get through difficult times. Resolve to nurture your closest relationships by not taking them for granted, show kindness to them, affirm them, and share time together.
  • Focus beyond the self. It is important to reach out to those in need. While happiness can increase helpfulness, doing good also makes one feel good.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Take time each day to pause and reflect on the positive aspects of your life, such as friends, family, health, freedom, education, natural surroundings, and so on, increases one’s experience of well-being.
  • Nurture your spiritual self. Research has shown over and over that people who nurture their religious or spiritual interests tend to be happier and cope better with crises.

However, if you do try all these suggestions and you're still not happier, you're either an android or an alien. In case you are an android, see an electronic engineer. Whereas, if you are an alien, please return to your home planet. 


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