How to be Positive?

There are many ways to becoming positive, first of which includes looking at silver lining in every situation. It is proven that our emotions play a huge part in how we feel in a situation, so if we force are emotions to be positive, our outlook will automatically become positive.

Are you often unhappy with life and every time you walk out the door, you automatically assume that something bad is going to happen? Many times you prefer to look at the negative side of the situation because you are afraid of getting your hopes up, only to have them dashed again. These are all signs of a negative outlook on life and they are often the reason for why you are commonly unhappy.

Positivity is often confused with happiness, but they are actually different. It is common to be unhappy as well as positive. Actually, any emotion can be combined with positivity, it can be said that positivity is a way of life. The idea of positivity relies on how we view the world. The more positive outlook you have on life, the happier and more satisfied you will be with it – even if everything is going wrong.

Here are a few ways that you can turn your negativity into positivity.

Look at the glass half full

Most commonly people prefer to find the difficulty in any situation so that they can prepare a mental plan to solve that situation, if need arises. Although, this is common human nature a lot of people don’t move on after creating a metal solution but instead dwell on that negativity. The more they focus on the negativity of that situation, the more they fail to realize all the positive aspects that can be gained from it. Now, the easiest way to turn that negativity around is to focus on the positive aspects, no matter how bad the situation gets. You miss the bus – instead focusing on the fact that you’ll be late instead focus on how you have the time to stop and smell the roses.

Don’t be your own worst critic

We are definitely our worst critics and we tend to always look down upon ourselves. It is time to stop. You aren’t as worse as you think you are. Instead, you are actually better. Instead of recounting your negative features or things that you cannot accomplish, make a list of things that you can do. Make a quick list and refer to it every day about what you are good at and how you enrich the lives of people around you.


The most common negativity arises from rushing. When we rush, we fail to see the good things that life has to offer. So, stop and slow down. Relax! The more stressed you are, the harder time you’ll have to look at the bring side of situations.

Live in a positive environment

A lot of negativity comes from your surroundings, the kind of people you hang out with, the kind of shows that you watch. Changing things around a bit can often give you a different look at things. Change up your schedule a bit. Also, limit the amount of negative people in your life at least until you can get a hold of your positive attitude.

Start Slow

This goes back to rushing, it doesn’t improve anything if you simply jump into things such as projects. Rushing things often makes you feel unprepared and overwhelmed and leads to more negative thoughts. Instead, start slow and prepare yourself whatever project you want to tackle even if it is a menial task. The more prepared you’ll feel, the more positive you are bound to be.

Fight your fears

Negativity also arises from fears that you may be harboring such as fear of failure or fear of not being good enough. These fears are often very crippling and can lead to your negative outlook on life. Change your outlook by fighting these fears. The bolder you become, the less you have to fear the uncertainty.

Exercise and Sleep

Exercise and sleep play important parts in any positive and healthy lifestyle. Exercise is proven to make you happier with your lifestyle and happier people are more prone to focus on the happy aspects of life, instead of the negatives. Sleep is also important as lack of sleep makes people cranky and tired, who instead of working hard to maintain a positive outlook, prefer to find the faults in things. A fresh mind and body are a good way to keep you motivated to focusing on the positive.

Take criticism positively

No one likes it when people find faults in you or something you do, but criticism is important in order to learn something. So, just because someone said there was a more efficient way to do something in a wrong light. Look at it in a positive manner that you got to learn something new.

Maintain your posture

According to scientists, you can actually trick your body into believing things. For example, if you constantly have a smile on your face, you will automatically feel happy. It’s a technique that tricks the brain into acting like you want it. Hence, having a good posture and constantly smiling are two of the best things that you can do to be positive. A good posture will give you more confidence, which will make you look as things more positively.

Be Pro-Active

Rather than waiting for good things to happen to you, go out and make good things happen. Don’t wait for the day to be good, make the day a good one. The more you do things that you enjoy, the more you’ll have a good day and focus on the positivity in life.

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