How to face an interview?

How to face an interview?
An interview is essentially where the employer is going to decide whether you will get the job or not. Hence, it's no wonder why we dread interviews.

So, after some pretty grueling and demanding preliminary rounds of recruitment, you’ve finally landed an interview call from the choicest of employers. However, the anxiety pangs have started to set in and your mind is fast forwarding to the questions about to be shot at you! It's a zillion reasons like these that make us dread interviews, but you can afford to relax and mellow down, as these handy tips have got you covered:

Early to bed, early to rise: Follow the old adage. It still holds true. Getting a good night’s sleep before your D-day will not only set you in the mood, but also flush out all your pre-interview hassles. Also, by doing this you can wear your shiny and radiant face, to strike a glorious first impression on the interviewer. 

Good Morning: When the interviewer calls you up to fix an appointment, you don’t have to play along, or in this matter, play your case into their hands. Opt for a morning interview. This will let you focus more on the interview by leaving out very little time to perform any other of your chores in the morning.

Well dressed is well blessed: There’s a reason why corporate houses insist on formal clothing to their employees. It’s the association and dedication to the cause that matters. Don’t even think about dazzling your employer with that absurdly loud designer clothing. It very well might be the last thing that you can wish for on such a day!

Meet and greet: It’s fairly understandable that you’re into the thick of an interview and suffering from top to bottom nervousness. However, you shouldn’t be left blaming your nerves later for blowing this opportunity, as you couldn’t even manage to look the person in the eye and greet him. No one likes a bundle of nerves. Remember to breathe easy and greet everyone appropriately.

Preparation pays: Like any other exam or test, your preparation about the firm, the staff, their operations, expansion etc. would be scrutinized closely. Your research plays a big factor in leveraging your prospects against those who're vying for the same position. Also, a company likes it when you devote time to study about it, even when you’re not working for it!

Confidence is the name of the game: It’s highly imperative that whatever you do at an interview, you should be doing it confidently. This will send all the right signals to the interviewers about your efforts and your personality. Being confident will not only make you feel good about yourself, but also compel the interviewer to sit up and take notice of you.   

What you see is what you get: When the person before you is going through your resume, he/she expects that you’re the one who must have drafted it, and studied it at least once. Hence, if you end up muttering something that’s not in your resume, or doesn’t match with it, be sure to be staring at some raised eyebrows.

Patience is the key: Since it’s an interview, there’ll be many questions shot at you. You’re expected to answer all of them as well. However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to answer them. You would want to get home with an appointment letter in hand. So, make sure to answer all your questions politely and patiently, with an undercurrent of elegance.

Negotiate well: At some stage of the interview, you’re going to be talking about the financial matters at hand. It’s important that you have a clear strategy in mind and try to execute it, rather than formulate one spontaneously. The price you want to quote as a salary, has to be backed-up by logical and relevant reasons. So stay away from fabricating or falsifying your financial information, or prospects.  

The bye ballad: After a pressure-cooker session, you really feel good about this interview and are a bundle of energy, but all could be lost in a flash if you don’t hold yourself together. Regardless of the result, it’s your duty to thank the interviewer for the time he/she spared. If you’re out the door in a flash, maybe your application will be too. So don’t forget to do your bye-byes well.

Hope springs:  Lastly, you’ve done all that you could. Don’t fuss over the things that you could’ve said differently, or done differently. You have to remember that it’s just an interview at the end of the day. Say if you’re not selected, even then there's no reason why this one would be your last interview ever. So, don’t think about the interview after you’re through it. Stay optimistic about your chances and always hope for the best, because as they say - Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.

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