How to focus on study?

There are many different methods that one can use to focus on studying including finding the right place, the right study partner and simply by turning off major distractions.

Studying is essential in order to succeed in school, college and sometimes even after that. Studying, rather learning doesn’t always end, one is always learning even later on in life. There are a few known techniques that one can use in order to increase their concentration on studying, making each studying session count for more.

Set Goals

Setting goals play an important part as it helps people organize their thoughts and also lets the person visualize what he/she wants done in the stipulated time.

Set a routine

Life require routine in order for them to accomplish all the things that are required to be done in a day. In this routine, one must set a specific time to study and it must follow the same routine every day. It cannot be studying at 1 PM today and 3 PM the other day. It can allow a little flexibility in the schedule but never too much.

Make a study time table

At the start of every study session or even at the start of the week, making a studying time tables allows people to understand how much work needs to be accomplished. This time table should settle well into the routine and allows the person to accomplish the goals set each day.

Find the right work place

Sitting in the middle of a lot of noise and disruption does not provide the right environment to study. Studying should be done in a quiet place that reduces disruptions. It should include a comfy chair and a table, but ensure that it is not way too comfortable such as the bed or a lounging chair.

Have everything read

Before you begin to study, try and organize everything you may need on the table. However, do not clutter the table way too much. This eliminates the distraction that arises from having to run around looking for pens, pencils, highlighter, ruler, etc.

Minimize Disruptions

It’s time to turn off the phone, unhook the computer, and turn off the TV and anything else that may disrupt the studying time. These only result in the loss of concentration and limits the retaining function of the brain.

Play Instrumental Music

For some people music helps when it comes to studying, if you are not this person then do not listen to music as this will be another distraction.


This is a must. Although, many people claim that multitask can help people complete more tasks at the same time, each task will be completed with only half the focus. It might result in quantity, but it won’t result in quality. Especially when it comes to studying, quality is a must and one should focus solely on performing one task at a time.

Take Breaks

As the famous saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Similarly all work and no enjoyment makes studying a tedious work. For every task that is completed, a 10 minute break should be taken for distractions. It can also be working for half an hour before the break is taken. This allows the brain to relax before it delves into more studious work.

Use technology for good

There are many productivity apps that are now available online such as Pomodoro apps that breaks work into 25 activity blocks, it also sets 5 min break intervals. Other apps can also be used in order to block distracting websites or software for a predeterrmined time.

These methods are created in order to improve focus on studying and also in other areas. These do not have to be limited to study and can also be incorporated in other household chores, work and any other tasks that one must perform during their day.

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