How to improve English?

How to improve your English?
English has become one of the most commonly spoken languages around the world. Hence, it is important that one is able to speak English.

With the onset of globalization, people needed a standard language in order to communicate with people from other countries. English is now being used for that purpose. It is internationally the most commonly spoken language. Furthermore, English is the official language of many countries, as well as world organizations such as United Nations. It is also used for international documents, scientific standards, etc. Hence, in today’s world it is quite important that you speak English.

There are many methods of improving your English. Some guidelines to help you:

  • Carry a dictionary – This will make it easy for you look up words that you are unfamiliar with.
  • Make a list of common words and phrases – The list can be easily referred to for words and phrases that you are likely to come into direct contact with on a daily basis.  Make sure that you update the list frequently.
  • Practice – Practice speaking in English with everyone. The more you used the language, the familiar you will become with it. Don’t worry about making mistakes; people can only correct you, if they hear you making mistakes.
  • Think in English – Thinking in your native language and then translating it into English takes time and leads to translation errors. Try to think in English, as this will not only save time and reduce errors but it will also help you get used to English.
  • Watch English shows and movies – This will help you learn new words and idioms and see how they are used. Try watching them with subtitles at first, and then slowly stop the subtitles. Try to repeat what you hear, while making the same lip movements as the people on the screen.
  • Listen to English news or radio – This will also serve the same purpose, of helping you learn new words and phrases, as well as their usage.
  • Read English newspapers – Newspapers are a great way to see how English is used in a written format. Newspapers also tend to have a more formal tone when writing, so they will greatly help in improving your vocabulary and grammar. Keep in mind that some newspapers are harder to read than others.
  • Read English books – This will again help you improve vocabulary and grammar. Start with children’s books, which have illustrations to help you understand the context, and then slowly build up to more difficult books.
  • Use the internet – There are various things available on the internet to help you. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, read articles, chat with someone, etc. There are also various English learning sites that aim to help you learn English as a second-language.


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