How to learn English?

The best way to learn English is to practice, practice, and practice. Also watching English shows and movies, and reading English books, news, and magazine articles will help.

=English is a complicated language. Even native speakers have problems with the English grammar and language. So, it is to be expected that non-native speakers will have a difficult time learning the language. However, in today’s day and age, English is becoming necessary, especially on a global level. Hence it is crucial to learn English, no matter how difficult.

Learning English is not an easy task, and mastering English is a whole different challenge all together. So, how does one go about achieving this difficult task? Think about how babies learn their language. They first learn to listen and to identify words, and then they learn to speak. Finally, they learn to read and write. The easiest way to learn a language is to follow in the babies’ path.

The best way to pick up a new language is to hear someone else speak it. It is better if that someone is a native speaker, rather than a non-native speaker; but a non-native speaker is better than nothing. If you know someone who speaks the language, then ask them to talk to you in English. Also, watching English TV shows and movies, as well as listening to audiobooks and music can also help in picking up new words and understanding how to use those words.

After listening is speaking, so start having conversations in English with anyone you find. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes while speaking, in fact ask the other person to point out your mistakes and to fix them. So that next time you know better.

After listening and speaking comes reading and writing. The more you will read, the better your English will be. Start by reading simple children’s stories, then build your way up to reading harder books, news articles, magazine articles, etc. You can also carry a dictionary to help look up a new word you may come across. You can also start writing a diary or journal in English, which will help you practice English. You may also look for a pen pal, someone to write letters or emails to, which will help you improve your conversational skills.

Despite everything else, the main thing to do is to practice every day, even if it is only a little. Because little by little, you will be fluent in no time. 

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