How to Overcome Shyness?

Improv Groups are one of the best ways that can help someone overcome shyness.

Shyness is something that is completely normal and happens to everyone, but for some it exceeds to the point where it causes anxiety. In times like these where shyness is hindering your livelihood, there are ways to try and overcome shyness.

Meeting new people can always be stressful because you don’t know if they will like you or no, or if you’ll make a fool of yourself. These worries are often justified but they should not take over your life to the point where you fear leaving the house or talking to someone random.

These are a few ways you can help overcome your shyness:

Understand Your Shyness

The first step to overcome your shyness is to understand what you are shy about. What is it that causes your fears, rather what are you afraid of? Once you understand what it is you are afraid of, you can take measures to help reduce your fears.

Accept Shyness

Don’t fight it, everyone is shy about something. Accept that you are shy and what thing in your life causes you to be shy.


Visualize that situation. Think about yourself in a room full of people, talking and laughing and speaking. Hold that vision and constantly keep going back to it. Most times when you visualize something very often it can help you overcome that fear or even limit its power.


Practice makes perfect. Practice talking and the art of conversation whenever you can. Practice in front of the mirror or with your family and friends.

Conquer Your Shyness

Start small, instead of speaking in front of a huge number of people start by introducing yourself to a random stranger. Strike up a conversation with this stranger and try to hold it for as long as possible. Slowly increase the number of people until you are comfortable enough to talk in front of a huge crowd.

Have Interesting Topics Prepared

For many their shyness stems from the fact that they might look stupid in front of other people. In situations such as these, you can have topics previously prepared. Read up on current affairs and things that may interest you. Go prepared with topics that you know about and are confident about.

Join a Social Group

One of the best ways to overcome shyness is to join a group. It can be anything dance or singing or even pottery. However, the objective here is to meet new people. According to experts, an improv group – where people act on the spot – is an effective way to overcome social shyness. It helps people understand that life is not perfect and that not every mistake is something that is huge.

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