Is future predictable?

Yes and no, like the future this answer is also complicated.

The future is messy and complicated. It also depends on our actions, which make it scary; very, very scary. Hence, it is no wonder that we try so hard to get a glimpse into the future, whether it is just for security, to know that we will be alright, or to know that we are making the right decision and are on the right track.

Our need to know the future, at times desperate, is what some people prey on; these charlatans that claim to be psychic and try to take as much money as they can from us. However, at times there are psychics that hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and predict something that actually comes to pass. Is that just a lucky guess or is the future predictable?

The truth of the matter is that scientists have not been able to prove the presence of psychic powers in people. There have been thousands of studies done, but no definite shred of evidence exists. Hence, it leads to understand that future is not predictable, right? Again, things are not that simple. Some people have shown that they have a sixth sense, that they can predict more events than others. However, they are still nowhere close to actually and clearly predicting the future and even they are not a 100 percent accurate.

Still, technically future can be predicted. According to physics, the past and future of everything is fixed. So, if someone had the perfect knowledge about the current state of all particles in the universe, then they would theoretically be able to compute the future state of all particles in the universe. This is a theory in classical (Newtonian) mechanics. However, the chances of someone knowing the state of all the particles in the universe is so remote that no one will be able to predict the future, at least not anytime soon.

So, in short at least today, the future is not predictable. One might be able to infer what may happen if they have knowledge of the behaviors of people and by knowing what has happened. This is what the psychics of today do. They use what they know about a person and guess the most likely event that will happen. But, this is no better than guessing, and hence some of these predictions come true, while others do not. This is also what happens when you see your friend making a bad decision and can predict how badly it will end.

Still, science theorizes that future is predictable, but we are in no place or condition to do so. We may have access to this power later, or science may be able to develop a machine, which can accurately predict the future. But, neither is likely to happen in our lifetime. So, the best thing we can do it stop worrying about, enjoy the present, and make our own future.

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