Meaning of ASAP

ASAP means “as soon as possible.”

The term “ASAP” is often used in general conversation, however many do not know what the term stands for or where it comes from. “ASAP” stands for “as soon as possible.” It means that it should be done as soon as possible.

For example, “I’ll go to the market as soon as possible.” This means that the speaker will go to the market as soon as he/she has finished with whatever business that is stopping him/her from going to the market. It could even be “I’ll go to the market as soon as I’ll finish studying.” If the speaker finishes studying, it would mean that he/she is now free and it is now possible for them to go to the market.

The acronym ASAP originated as part of the parlance of the United States military. The phrase is believed to be first used in the Korean War, in a document that was transcribing The Greatest Airlift of 1954 by Captain Annis G. Thompson.

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