Meaning of Bigot

The term, ‘bigot’ is actually French. Unlike most other words in English or French, bigot is not derived from either Latin or Greek. It fact it was actually a derogatory term that was applied to Normans, i.e. people from Normandy. The Normans were called this because they often used the phrase, “By God”, in everyday speech. The phrase “By God” was actually translated as “bi god,” putting it together it became ‘bigot.’

The definition of bigot is actually two fold, which means that the word has two meanings. However, neither is good. In fact, bigot is still a derogatory term, but of a different kind. A person who is called a bigot is generally not considered to be a good person.

A bigot is a person who is completely devoted to his or her own opinions. While, this may not be a bad thing in itself, a bigot goes a step further. He is unwilling to even listen, let alone consider the opinions of others, especially if those opinions differ from his own. A bigot may even go as far as being prejudiced against those who do not share his opinions and biases.

Another definition of the word is somebody who is extremely partial to one’s own group, such as someone who shares his religion, race, gender, political party, etc. A bigot will be extremely prejudiced against anyone who differs from himself and/or does not share the same ideas and believes. In this case, bigotry is similar to racism, except it expands to include personal beliefs, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or other group characteristics, in addition to race.

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