Meaning of Comradery

It is no secret that a group of likeminded people are often tied together by friendship and loyalty to one another. This feeling that they are bound by is called comradery. Comradery is also often written as camaraderie.

The word, comradery is believed to be come from the Latin, ‘camera’, which means chamber. The idea behind the word is that if you share a room with someone, or a chamber, then you are bound to develop a closeness and familiarity with your roommate.

Comradery, or camaraderie, is the feeling of closeness, amity, goodwill, that exists between two or more people. It is a feeling of trust, a bond created by a shared goal or experience. It does not necessarily mean friendship, but rather a sense of familiarity that allows you to work well together.

Comradery is often used in context to soldiers. When faced with danger, such as battle, soldiers are known to form a sense of brotherhood with the fellow soldiers of their unit. They often form a close and lasting friendship that lasts their lives. A similar effect is seen in teammates or roommates.

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