Meaning of Cuisine

Cuisine can be specific to a particular nation or culture. Cuisine refers to the particular type or style of cooking that is specific to a culture, group or nation.

The term ‘cuisine’ is French in origin, and can be translated as “cooking”, “culinary art” or “kitchen”. Hence, cuisine can be described as the culinary art, or art of cooking.

Each country has a specific type of cuisine, such as French cuisine, Spanish cuisine, or Mexican cuisine. Cuisine is usually named after the location where they originate from, however that is not always the case.

The cuisine of each region can be different or similar depending of a variety of factors such as religious food laws, i.e. Halal or Kosher, as well as traditions, customs and local ingredients that are particular of that region.

In today’s modern and connected world, one region’s cuisine often influences another. This has given rise to a variety of fusion cuisines that mix cuisines of different areas into one.

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