Meaning of Culture

Anybody who is asked will say that they are proud of their culture. However, what is culture? Culture is the collection of ideas, customs, and social behavior that are part of a particular group of people. It could also refer to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of humans as a whole society.

The term ‘culture’ was coined by the Roman orator Cicero, who wrote of “cultura animi,” which basically means “cultivation of the soul.” Hence, culture refers to everything in society that is considered to add meaning to life.

In the modern definition of the word, culture can refer to language, customs, art, folklore, literature, traditions, beliefs, ideas, religion, music, food, morals, values, etc. However, culture can also refer to the group of people itself. The culture can be the same for humans in general, for people of the same nation, for people in the same ethnic group, or people of the same age group.

Today, one does not belong to simply a single culture, but in fact to many culture, which overlap. For example: a young Christian male in America may be part of the youth culture, male culture, Christian culture and American culture, which are all cultures in their own right.

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