Meaning of Curriculum

On the first day of school or college, the first thing that the teacher or professor does is go over the curriculum. The curriculum is the list of subjects and topics that the students will be expected to learn and understand before the completion of the course. The curriculum can include the instructional content, materials, resources, and processes that will be utilized in the course of the study.

Curriculum can include a list of knowledge and skills that the students are expected to learn. It can include the learning standards or learning objectives that the students are expected to meet. It can also include the units, lessons, assignments, books, materials, videos, presentations, readings, tests, assessments and other methods which will be utilized in the course of the study.

The curriculum plays an important part in the educational system. It helps educators to communicate significant and important information about the course to the students in one go. Additionally, if the student in unsure about something, or needs clarification on some aspect, he or she can refer first to the curriculum which will probably solve their query.

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