Meaning of e.g

E.g. means ‘for example’.

E.g. is a Latin phrase that has been adapted for use in the English language. It is one of the most commonly used Latin phrases. E.g. is an abbreviation for “exempli gratia”. While it literally translates to “free example” or according to some texts as “for the sake of example”, in general usage it is commonly meant as “for example.”

“Exempli gratia” is also less commonly abbreviated as “”

E.g. is mainly used to list examples of things. However, this list is considered to have only a few examples and is not believed to be exhaustive. Hence, it is not necessary to use etc. at the end of it.

In America English, e.g. is followed by a comma, whereas in UK English ther is no need for a comma.

An example

I like fruits, e.g. apples and bananas.

E.g. is often confused with i.e., which means “that is.”

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