Meaning of Exotic

Something that is considered to be exotic is often considered to be beautiful, or unique, or exquisite. However, what does exotic mean?

Exotic generally describes something that originated in a distant foreign country. The term can refer to any thing, or even a person. For example: exotic birds from exotic places. These things are considered to be strikingly unusual or strange in effect or appearance. They are considered unique.

The term can also refer to something that is attractive or striking. This is usually out of the ordinary, which is why it is considered to be exotic. It could be different from the norm, or colorful, etc. For example: an exotic haircut, an exotic dress, or an exotic color. Here it refers to something that is not common, and is not seen regularly.

However, the term also has a slight negative connotation, especially referring to a dancer. An exotic dancer is basically a stripper, also called a striptease performer.

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