Meaning of Giving a Rose

Giving a rose to someone can be used to show appreciation, interest and/or love.

Since the nineteenth century, men have send flowers to women in order to show their affection. Since, then different flowers have come to mean different things. Roses are often depicted as pure and a symbol of love. Hence, roses are often given to show their love.

Some countries even have a Rose Day, on which day men and women can give roses and declare their love.

However, different roses depict different things.

• Red Rose – A time-honored way to say “I love you.” Associated with beauty and perfection.

• Pink Rose – Symbol of grace and elegance. Often given as a token of admiration and appreciation.

• White Rose – Associated with purity and undying love. Traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. A way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”

• Orange Rose – Associated with wildness, oomph and elegance. Given to show enthusiasm, passion, gratitude.

• Yellow Rose – Associated with joyfulness. Are a traditional symbol of friendship.

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