Meaning of Goose bumps

Goose bumps are a natural phenomenon that practically everyone has experienced. Goose bumps are the small bumps that form involuntarily on a person’s skin usually when they are feeling cold. They are also brought on by experiencing strong emotions such as fear, nostalgia, pleasure, euphoria, awe, admiration, and sexual arousal.

Goosebumps, also called goose pimples or goose flesh, are named such as they look similar to a goose’s skin after the features have been plucked. Goose feathers grow from stores in the epidermis, which are similar to human hair follicles. The scientific name for goose bumps is cutis anserine.

Goose bumps do not actually play a function in our body. Scientists believe that it is a vestigial reflex left over from out ancestors, who might have had the ability to raise their hair, making them appear larger and hence scaring off predators. This is similar to the porcupines, which raise their quills when threatened.

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