Meaning of Humanity

We are human beings, which means that we have grown up hearing the word humanity being used from everything, a person to a state of being. However, what does the word humanity actually mean? Does this have some intricate meaning or is it just an arbitrary word being thrown around.

The term ‘humanity’ is actually used to refer to human beings as a whole. Here, ‘humanity’ is basically another word for the human race, the human species, and the humankind as a whole. For example: “crimes against humanity”, here the crimes are conducted against the human race.

However, ‘humanity’ can also be used to refer to the condition of being human, as well as the quality of being humane. Any act of benevolence or kindness is often clubbed under ‘humanity.’ A humane characteristic, attribute, or act is also considered as attribute of humanity. Hence, the phrase, ‘don’t you have any humanity.”

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