Meaning of Marriage

There are times when two people who are in a relationship want to take their relationship to the next level. They want to give it legal status, so that their relationship is considered legal and accepted. Hence, they get married.

Marriage is a social ritual between two people who give legal status to their relationship. Marriage established a union or legal contract between the spouses, which gives them rights and obligations towards each other, their children, and their families. Marriage is also called matrimony or wedlock.

Marriage contains legal, social, sexual, emotional, financial, spiritual, and religious aspects, and one may marry for either one of these reasons, or a combination of any and all.

Marriage is considered a cultural universal, which means that every culture has some form of a social agreement, such as marriage. Depending on the culture, marriage may be considered to be legal only between a man and a woman, or between two people of the same sex. Additionally, some cultures condemn and sexual activity prior to marriage, and with anyone other than your spouse.

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