Meaning of Metaphor

Language has developed in such a way that we literally come across many metaphors in our daily life. However, what are metaphors? Think of the phrase “a sea of troubles”, “all the world’s a stage”, “a heart of stone”, “a heart of gold’, “a piece of cake”, “endless night” etc. These are all metaphors.

Metaphors are a figure of speech that compares two things together. However, commonly these two things are not comparable as all. For example: “a blanket of roses,” in this phrases the roses are being compared to a blanket. In common sense, we wouldn’t really compare a blanket and roses, however, this metaphor compares them to create an analogy and to give us an impression. Hence, in our minds we imagine the roses as lush, soft and thick as a blanket, and not as an actual blanket made out of roses.

A metaphor is a useful literary device that help create analogies, and to indirectly make a comparison between two or more things. However, unlike a simile, the metaphor a metaphor directly equates two things, rather then just compare them, and hence does not need to use any words of comparison, such as “like” or “as.”

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