Meaning of Mortality

There are many people who are afraid of mortality. Additionally, there are many headlines that are rooted in the term mortality, such as “Mortality Rate is at its lowest” or that “Mortality is on the rise”, etc. However, what does mortality actually mean.

Mortality is nothing more than the susceptibility to death. Mortality refers to the fact that everything and everyone is eventually going to die, and that death cannot be avoided. Mortality is actually the quality or state of being mortal and being mortal means that life will end.

It is not easy for most people to come to terms with their own mortality, or with the mortality of a loved one. It is hard to image that our life will end, or that we will have to live without some of our loved ones, who will pass before us. This is mainly why people often live life in a manner where they forget that it all ends. Many people actively refuse to think about their death or the possibility of the dead of a loved one.

Mortality rate is just another way of saying death date. Mortality rate is the ratio of deaths in an area to the population of that area. The term mortality and mortal are derived from the Latin word, ‘mortis’, which means “death.”

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