Meaning of Nazism

Nazism is basically the political and economic doctrines that were held and put into effect by the Nazis, when they held power in Germany between 1933 and 1945. Nazism, also spelled Naziism, is basically the ideology and practice of the German Nazi Party and state. It is also referred to as National Socialism.

The term National Socialism arose because they were attempting to create a socialist country, in contrast to the internationalist Marxist Soviet Union, and the free market capitalist United States. National Socialism called for a Volksgemeinschaft or “people’s community” of all Germans. It rejected the Marxist concept of class struggle, opposed ideas of equality and international solidarity, and sought to defend private property.

However, in practicality, instead of an ideal socialist society, it became a harsh dictatorship under the Nazi Party, with minimal to none freedom for its citizens and even less to those of non-Aryan heritage.

Nazism has become synonymous with scientific racism and anti-Semitism. All people that were non-Aryan were considered second-class; this also included Jewish, homosexuals, gypsies, Romanis etc. Aryans were the Germanic peoples, called the Nordic Race. They were considered to be “master race”, and meant to rule the others. This ideology eventually led to the Holocaust that resulted in the death of millions.

Nazism rose out of the pan-Germanism, the Völkisch German nationalist movement and the anti-communist Freikorps after World War I. It sought to overcome social divisions and form a homogeneous society with national unity within the historically German territory while expanding to other territories.

Nazism was finally defeated with World War II. However, sadly its ideologies such as scientific racism, white supremacy, Anti-Semitism, etc. carry on, although not under the name of Nazism. The ideologies of Nazism are associated with far-right politics.

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