Meaning of Nostalgic

Everyone has suffered from nostalgia in their life, even if they did not know what it was called. Nostalgia refers to sentimentality for the past. It is the feeling of remembering and missing the good old days of the past. When one is experiencing this feeling, they are described as being ‘nostalgic.’

The days past that one remembers are usually significant in one’s life and are characterized happy personal memories and associations. It is the wistful remembrance of the days long gone, and the yearning to return to the former place, time, or situation, which is usually impossible.

The term ‘nostalgic’ is a Greek compound, which stems from ‘nóstos’, which means “homecoming”, and ‘álgos’, which means ‘pain’ or ‘ache’. Hence, it can be said that ‘nostalgic’ is the ‘pain of coming home in your memories.’

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