Meaning of Poke

Like many words in the English Language, the word had a meaning but it took on another meaning in the information age. The word ‘poke’ is one such word, amongst many.

Traditionally, the term ‘poke’ refers to the action of jabbing or prodding someone or something with one’s finger or a sharp object. It has a similar meaning as prod, jab, dig, nudge, tap, butt, ram, shove, punch, prick and/or jolt. For example: Stop poking me with that pencil.

The term can also be used to indicate the action of sticking or trusting something in a particular direction. For example: I poked my head in the room. Additionally, is can also mean the action of looking or searching around a place. For example: The detective poked around to see if he could find out anything.

In the technological age, i.e. the age of the internet, the word ‘poke’ has taken over another meaning. A poke is an action that one can do on Facebook. Facebook has an option that allows people to poke one another. The poke is nothing more but an attempt to get someone’s attention or just to check in with that person. Also, if a person pokes you back, then the person’s profile will be available for you to see for up to three days even if you are not friends. If two people keep poking back and forth, then it is called a poke war.

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