Meaning of Pretentious

In life, we always come across pretentious people, or people who claim to hate pretentious people, or even someone who might have called us pretentious? However, what does pretentious mean, or is it just a word that is casually being thrown around?

The term ‘pretentious’ means someone or something that is pretending to be something more that they are. People usually do this to seek attention, or to impress somebody. For example: a boy may claim to be Olympic level runner, in order to impress a girl, however, in reality he may not even be able to participate in a local race. Similarly, someone might claim to an expert in Shakespeare, even though they have only seen that one adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

A pretentious person is also often deemed to be ostentatious, showy, flashy, or flaunty. Additionally, they may even be called tasteless or pompous. A pretentious person is basically someone who wants to be seen as more important that they actually are. They want to be regarded as more impressive or successful than they really are, which is why they make exaggerated, and unjustified or excessive claims. They are basically pretending to be something they are not.

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