Meaning of Rave Party

Rave Party is a wild party or festival with DJs playing EDM music.

Most people like to party; some like to party very hard and all night long. Raves are for them. A Rave Party is essentially a wild party or festival that lasts all night long. It incorporates DJs and other musicians playing loud music throughout the night accompanied by bright strobing lights. The music is generally electronic music, belonging to Rave, Breakbeats, Hardcore, Techno, Gabber, Jumpstyle, Acid & TechnoRave genres of electronic dance music (EDM).

While raves are a fun way to hang out and have fun, they have gotten a bad reputation as many abuse the rave environment. There are raves that occur in isolated areas without proper documentation and licensing. People come to raves and drink a lot and even partake in drugs. This kind of behavior gives raves and rave goers a bad name, even though most of the rave goers just go to dance and enjoy the music.

The first raves date back to 1950s, where the term was used to refer to “wild bohemian parties” of the Soho beatnik set in London, UK. However, the rave culture became quite popular in the 1980s due to acid music parties that occurred in Chicago, USA.

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